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A qualified plumbing contractor from Delta Plumbing & Mechanical can offer you high-quality plumbing fixture installation. Whether you’re installing brand-new fixtures in a newly-constructed home, updating your older fixtures with more modern alternatives, or need repairs and maintenance for your existing fixtures, our licensed plumbing contractors can help you.

Our team of dedicated professionals at Delta Plumbing & Mechanical in Michigan can help you complete any plumbing project. We can help you install or replace toilets, sinks, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, maintaining and complying with all applicable building codes and regulations.

Toilet Installation Services

The toilet (also known as the water closet or WC) is the heart of any bathroom and one of the most important sanitation fixtures in any home. A toilet installation job is a critical task that only a licensed plumbing contractor should handle.

The toilet installation process is a multi-step project requiring plumbing experience and knowledge of the Michigan Building Code. Our qualified professionals have the expertise and plumbing supplies necessary to perform the following tasks:

  • Installing the toilet bowl and tank
  • Installing and setting the piping and water lines
  • Installing supply lines, valves, and flexible water connectors
  • Installing the toilet drain, flange, closet screws, and other fitments
  • Ancillary installation tasks, such as bidet fitting
  • Repair and replacement of old elements with newer, building code-compliant models
  • Post-installation maintenance tasks like cleaning and manual flushing

There are a wide variety of toilet products and supplies. Installation cost estimates vary depending on the toilet type (e.g., manual-flushing vs. automatic flushing, standard vs. macerating toilet unit, etc.), the unit size, the complexity of your piping network, and other design conditions and requirements.

Don’t take on toilet installation projects by yourself or with the help of unqualified individuals. The risks include damage to your piping network, which can cause water damage. The consequences are costly for your property and your health: weakened floor surfaces, growth of mold and mildew, dirty or black water flooding, and other long-term issues.

Call a Delta Plumbing & Mechanical plumbing professional for your toilet installation needs. We can provide expert service that fits your needs and requirements, and they can complete the project quickly and efficiently.

Bathroom Fixture Installation Services

Qualified plumbing technicians can perform a comprehensive range of bathroom fixture installation and remodeling services to ensure your complete comfort.

Examples of bathroom fixture services a Michigan plumbing contractor can provide:

  • Installation of individual showers, bathtubs, combination tub-showers, and adjacent fixtures
  • Installation of shower floors
  • Bathroom sink and faucet installation
  • Bathroom sink faucet replacement
  • Bathtub faucet installation and replacement
  • Laundry sink installation
  • Laundry sink faucet installation and replacement
  • Installation of laundry appliances like automatic clothes washers and dryers
  • Individual shower faucet installation and replacement
  • Installation of bathroom valves, such as tub-shower combination valves and relief valves
  • Installation of other bathroom fixture types
  • General post-installation plumbing work and maintenance tasks

The Delta Plumbing & Mechanical team has Michigan plumbing permits so we are qualified to perform general plumbing work and maintenance tasks on your bathroom equipment, regardless of the fixture type.

The primary benefit of hiring Delta Plumbing & Mechanical contractors for both installation and maintenance is familiarity and efficiency. You get the certainty and peace of mind that your contractors know the equipment we’re working with. After all, there is no better person for repairs and maintenance than the people who installed your fixtures.

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Kitchen Fixture Installation Services

No kitchen is complete without an array of functional, high-quality appliances and fixtures installed by a team of experienced plumbing specialists.

Contact Delta Plumbing & Mechanical’s qualified Michigan professionals with plumbing permits and experience for all of your kitchen fixture needs, including the following:

  • Kitchen sink installation and replacement
  • Kitchen faucet installation and replacement
  • Kitchen garbage disposal systems
  • Garbage disposal installation and replacement
  • Appliance installation, including dishwasher, fridge, ovens, and cooktops
  • Water line installation and setup for dishwashers, fridges, and other appliances
  • Gas line installation for stoves, cooktops, and others
  • Installation of commercial-grade kitchen floor drains

The length and cost of a kitchen fixture installation service vary depending on the fixture type, cost of supplies, installation time, and design requirements. For example, while movable sink systems typically take less time to install than fixed equivalents, they may cost more.

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Fixture Repairs and Maintenance

All fixtures require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure optimal functionality. The best way to ensure that all necessary repairs and maintenance are done correctly is to trust a team of skilled plumbing professionals.

For example, if your faucets can only output cold water, our professional plumbers can check your water heater, conduct necessary repairs, and restore hot water in the house. We can also inspect your kitchen appliances and gas lines for signs of leaks, ensuring safety and compliance with the Michigan Building Code.

Our professional fixture repair and maintenance services present numerous advantages. Our technicians are not only qualified to inspect and repair everything from the service sink to the water closet, but they also:

  • Have access to the best professional-grade equipment and commercial plumbing supplies.
  • Can access all plumbing locations in your house, including underground piping, basement fixtures, and hard-to-access areas.
  • Can identify faults and leaks and conduct appropriate repairs for your piping material.
  • Can detect other problems, such as clogged drains, low water pressure, or backed-up sewer lines.
  • Take measures to prevent future failures and damage.

Contacting the licensed plumbers at Delta Plumbing & Mechanical for your fixture installation and repair services is critical to maintaining the warranty. Many appliance and fixture manufacturers void the warranty if the installation was a DIY job or performed by unlicensed individuals.

If you’re unsure whether your bathroom or kitchen fixtures need repairs, replacement, or maintenance, don’t hesitate to call our licensed and qualified professionals for an inspection. We will check your existing fixtures for you and provide expert advice and suggestions.

Trust Delta Plumbing & Mechanical for Your Michigan Plumbing Needs

Delta Plumbing & Mechanical is a plumbing industry leader with full-service plumbing experts with over 25 years of experience. Our team of Michigan licensed and insured plumbers have the qualifications to install, repair, service, and replace your home’s toilets, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures, piping, and appliances.

Delta Plumbing & Mechanical is committed to providing the highest quality full-service plumbing work in the Great Lake State. We can operate anywhere in Michigan, and our emergency plumbing line is open 24/7.

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